Hardware & Software Deployment, Configuration, Upgrades & Maintenance

Whether you’re planning to install a new IT system, upgrading or replacing old equipment or want your IT system optimised to improve performance, At Milanet, our certified IT engineers and technicians are experienced in delivering phased switchovers to minimise the impact on your day to day business operation. We deliver flexible, scalable and above all cost effective solutions tailored to your environment.

Server replacements

Given the numerous benefits that Windows Server 2019 offers - and the upcoming end of support for Windows Server 2008 - now is the right time for organisations to upgrade not only their server OS, but the hardware as well. Windows Server 2019 is designed to run on modernised hardware, and small organisations often want to get as much life out of their servers as possible. Unfortunately, failing to upgrade can mean losing much more money in the long run. Are you planning on migrating to Windows Server 2019?
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